User notification after a successful script execution

I'm currently using this command Clipboard SET {sourcepath$|noterm} in setting Double-click on file display background

First question: Does DO support any programming object, that I can use, to notify the user, that e.g. a task has finished successfully. I do not want to show a modal popup, the user must confirm, but a small non-modal window which disappears after a while.

Or maybe another way, when DO pops up a message in the system tray when a new update is available. I could image to use such a notification as well.

Better would probably be, using the status bar at the bottom of each lister to show such kind of message.

Second question: if there is already such kind of possibility, can I use it in the above setting to notify the user that the path has been copied to the clipboard?


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BusyIndicator exists for showing background progress, but isn't good if you want to show a text message to the user.

A script could display a dialog box that closes itself on a timeout, but I don't think there's a way to stop it taking focus, so that would probably be annoying.

Some general ideas about how to show notifications from scripts (not specific to Opus):

Having the main script run a PowerShell or AutoHotkey script to show an alert might be the way to go.

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Thanks Leo for your reply. Will consider your suggestions of course.

Any chance of getting some kind of simple notification programming object in any future DO release? Maybe become handy sometime for your own built-in commands and scripts, too!

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Something you could do is change the lister titlebar, wait a few seconds, then reset it back to how it was.

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