User-selectable size units in the statusbar, e.g. B, K, M, G

Hi ppl,

I've asked this question on Yahoo group [*], and I've been told that this is not possible, so I've decided make a feature request.

What I want to do is to let DOpus statusbar show the size of selected/all files not only in byte or auto-size ({tb}, {tba}), but in any of user-selectable units, i.e. B, K, M, G ...and T :slight_smile: something like {tb m}, {tb k} would be perfect. I think a a very similar thing ({tb / 1g}) is possible with the new bargraphs.

For instance if I have 4,000,000,000 bytes on a dir, DOpus shows either 3.72 G or 4,000,000,000 bytes but I want to have 3814 M. This would come very handy before DVD-burning.

Thanks for the great program.


[*] Original Y!-post: Y! Groups