Using a filter after using a different one

We are in folder A
We are going to filter by label "10"
We get the results
Then i want to apply the filter "11" in the folder A directly from where i am now,but it seems that it's searching among the results of previous filter because i get no results.
So how do i always search in the main folder??

PS: i can't specify the folder to search in because i can use those filters in different folders. I just want filters to search in the "main" folder where i start to filter until i change folder manually.

What kind of filter are we taking about here? How is it being applied?

a button with filter
Find FILTER NAME="10" RECURSE IN {sourcepath}

I think that maybe {sourcepath} is wrong but i don't know

After i tilter i want to apply another filter to the same folder
Find FILTER NAME="11" RECURSE IN {sourcepath}

If you're looking at the Find Results collection, that is what {sourcepath} will point to. You'd need to go back to the folder you want to search first.

Or you could use the Select command to filter the current folder, rather than use Find, assuming you don't need recursive results.

So the problem is sourcepath. how do i change the command?
obviously i don't want to go back ad apply a different filter. i want to use filters from current location

Use the Select command instead of the Find command. Thays probably the best approach in this case.

if i change
Find FILTER NAME=“10” RECURSE IN {sourcepath}


Select FILTER NAME=“10” RECURSE IN {sourcepath}

i just a popup asking "enter the extension or wildard pattern to select files"

Select and Find are different commands, with different arguments to each other. You need to change more than just the name of the command.

Try this to apply the filter named "10":

Select ShowHidden NoPattern
Select DeselectNoMatch HideUnsel Filter Pattern="10"
Select None

(The last line is optional, but I'm assuming you don't want everything that matched the filter to remain selected at the end, so it deselects things.)

To undo that and apply the filter named "11" at the same time, the same thing but with the filter name changed:

Select ShowHidden NoPattern
Select DeselectNoMatch HideUnsel Filter Pattern="11"
Select None

And to reset things to normal:

Select ShowHidden NoPattern

Seems perfect