Using Dopus to play .wav files, outside Listers?

Hi. I'm trying out Dopus (on XP3), and it's fabulous, if a little overwhelming, so far.

I'm sure this is right in front of my nose, but I've searched and read and experimented, with no luck.

When I double-click a .wav file within a Lister, it plays with a little Dopus mini-player, instead of my registered media player. That's great (and the context menu gives me more player choices, if I want them).

And when I double-click a .wav file outside a Lister, say on my Desktop, it plays with my registered media player. That's great too.

But I'd like [i]some specific[/i] .wav files to default to using the little Dopus mini-player (does that have a name?). Is that possible? I'm guessing it can be done by creating a dopusrt.exe shortcut to a specific .wav file, but I just can't find how.

Can anyone help, please?

(A less important bonus would be if I could add a context menu item for the little Dopus mini-player too.)

Within Opus, the command is just Play. It no filename is given to the command, it will automatically play the selected wav file(s). That will also work if you put it on the wav filetype context menu, as an Opus command.

Outside of Opus, you can run it via dopusrt.exe /cmd and pass it the name of the file:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Play "D:\Samples\GIB.WAV"

Perfect, thanks :slight_smile:.