Using new Lister Themes

When trying to Import a theme, Directory Opus looks for a *.dlt file but none of the downloadable themes contain a *.dlt file. How do you use and apply the themes available at the resource center?

They are actually all .dlt files but it seems that for some reason when you select to download them, the filename is changed to .zip.

Once you have downloaded them simply rename them back to .dlt and they will work fine.

For what it's worth, the problem doesn't exist with Firefox.

I don't know whether it's IE doing something wrong or a configuration issue on the webserver, and it's definitely not reason in itself to switch to Firefox, but if you have both browsers installed then it might be useful knowledge.

I have a feeling that IE changes file extensions to match their MIME types, something I find quite annoying, but which can be solved by sending the DLT files as generic binary rather than Zips. I've got no idea how easy it is to chang the webserver to do this, though! Maybe it's being clever and noticing they're zips by their headers.