Using Opus for assigning work via collections

I appreciate that the dopusrt.exe command-line utility can be used to import collections,
but if i want to assign some work on the lan to a team member,
I'd love to be able to email an attachment of the collection to them,
that they could import,
and work immediately and directly off.

This should of course be WYSIWIG

If Opus works towards customer workflow-facilitation in this way,
its value will be expanded greatly and hopefully market penetration improve ?

Your thoughts,

dopusrt.exe /col export lets you export the collection from your machine, which can then be emailed to someone.

dopusrt.exe /col import lets that person import the collection.

(url=!Documents/External_Manipulation_of_File_Collections.htm]Details here[/url].)

You could easily make buttons (or file type events or context menu items) to let people do both with the mouse, without having to touch the command line. Is that the only part that is missing, or is there something else that is needed as well?

The transferred collections will only work if people have the same paths on both machines. If everything is accessed via UNC network paths, or via mapped network drives where everyone has consistent drive letters, then it should be fine.