Using Opus with special folders

Hi folks

Is it possible to configure Directory Opus to display files that are collected with the program AudioManage? It's available at:

This uses a special folder structure to compile a database giving a "virtual" view of all of the music files on the PC. The folder opens fine in Windows Explorer, but when I open it in Opus, it shows no directories. When I move up one level within Opus, I can see the special folder is named:


and it lives in my temp folder in my documents.

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get this to work?




I've taken a look at this and, no, it won't work in the current Opus version. I've added it to the list to look into for a future update and we will support it if we can.

This problem has been solved in
Directory Opus
AudioManage 1.20i
Thanks to both teams for cooperation.

Unfortunately this doesn't work anymore in DOpus
When I enter a virtual folder created by AudioManage, it would launch all the files into Windows Media Player.

Please fix this bug.

This is fixed again in

Actually, this is only partially fixed.
When I click in the folder tree, the collection is shown in the file display as usual.

But if you explore folders from the file display (double-click), then it launches Windows Media Player.

So the bug is still partially there.

If you right-click the folders you mention double-clicking, what's the default (bold) action?

You made me find another bug: when I right-click in the file view, nothing happens; if I right click on a folder in the folder tree, the current window of DOpus stops responding (and it's using a lot of CPU).

So I can tell you what happened in DOpus 8.2 or in Windows Explorer or in other software that uses folder trees:

  • right click in the file wiew: Explore, Open, Play, etc.
  • right click in the folder tree: Develop, Explore, Open, etc.

(it should be noted that WMP isn't my default player, so I have no idea why DOpus launches it).

We should have a fix for this in the next version.