Using the cli prompt to test commands

Is there a way to test command control code using CLI--for example echo {sourcepath}. I have searched the forums and the manual. I have a feeling I'm missing something that's probably self-evident.

I use the nifty little doptest.exe utility by tanis to test my button commands, it sounds like that will do just what you're asking for. You can find it in the Download/Tools section of this forum.

I usually set the button type to MS-DOS batch and use Echo.

There are some cases where the way things are quoted is changed by the nature of batch files, which doptext.exe does not suffer from, so you may still prefer to use doptest.exe, but your idea of using Echo generally works fine as well; you just have to set the button to the right type.

PS: If you do try the Echo method, remember to add a Pause command at the end of the button so that the DOS window stays open.

I was looking for a method to quickly test expressions. Doptest or echo will work--I was just hoping no to have to go in and out of customize mode for testing. Thanks for the input.

Don't forget you can also use the built in "Command Line Interpreter Tool" which will allow you to type commands and see their results immediately.

Create a button to open this tool with:


I must not have phased it well. I am using the cli tool.

At the dos command-line I can type in echo %windir% and the display would say


I was looking for that fuctionality in CLI, like echo {sourcepath} would say