Using the 'Find' utility - specified file extension

Hi all,

I was wondering how do I specify a file extension that I want Dopus to return in the 'FIND' panel? The default file type search list does not contain the extension. Currently the name matches only searches file name and not extension.

e.g. I have the files
a2. f01

How do I return results for all files with 'f01' extension?

Search: *.f01
Use Wildcards selected.

[quote="MrC"]Search: *.f01
Use Wildcards selected.[/quote]

Thanks, it works.

If we're talking about the Find panel's Simple tab, the Use Wildcards checkbox isn't connected to the filename field (which always uses wildcards); it's connected to the Containing field that it is next to.

I didn't know that!

I wonder if there is some placement of those elements that might make this even more obvious?