Utility pane shrink/expand size fluctuates

Dopus runs here in 2H mode (2 panes above each other).
Activating the the utility pane (through menu:Tools => Find Files), the pane is "vertically limited" and needs to be enlarged to become useful.
After vertically maximizing it, all is well.

However ...
Shrinking the utility pane and expanding it after that, does not bring back the utility pane to its original size, leaving part of the UI only accessible through scrolling. Or resizing the pane again.
Same goes for File Log, for example (didn't /couldn't test them all)

Suggestion to expand to the original size.

When expanding again, it should automatically calculate the height required to show all of the panel currently displayed (Find, Dupes, Sync, etc.).

That works OK in vertical modes but in dual-horizontal it seems to need a lot more space above it, so it'll only work with fairly tall (or maximized) windows, since it doesn't want to eat into the space of the file displays too much. Maybe it should just remember the size it had before, although I'd have to check the history of that to see if there's a reason for it. (I know there used to be some layout bugs if you made the utility panel expand enough that there was no room left for other elements, so it may be because of that.)