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Utility Panel - provide vertical layout option

Please allow the Utility Panel to be toggled between horizontal and vertical layouts, like the Meta and Viewer Panels. As monitor aspect ratios keep getting wider and wider, I think this would be a better use of screen real estate.

Also want to add my vote to other requests for custom colors on the Utility Panel.


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I second this - having to minimise the utility panel everytime I do a detailed file search to view the results can get tedious after a while

I made a mockup image of a vertical Utility Panel (2560x1440).

Current horizontal Utility Panel

With current Viewer Pane

Feature Request: vertical Utility Pane and Viewer Pane (themed)

Theme used above is Nord Dark Theme by genericuser256


I already asked for a similar layout back in 2018:


I'd like this as well. I don't make much use of the utility panel in the current configuration because the narrow strip at the bottom across the widescreen monitor isn't very useful.

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