Utility to load listers in a specific order

I uploaded a utility, OpusOpen.exe, that provides a way to open listers in a specific order, such as at startup. An explanation of how to use the program is in the downloads section.


  1. I tested the software on a 3.2 GHz XP machine. In addition to waiting for the command to be sent to open each lister, there is a 700ms delay. If your listers are not opening in the correct order, it might be necessary to increase that delay. Let me know and I'll make it configurable.
  2. Currently only 10 listers can be opened. If you need more, let me know and I'll make that configurable, too.
  3. I'll send the source code to anyone who requests it.


The program doesn't run correctly when there are a lot of other programs loading, and I want to make it configurable. Therefore, I asked to have it pulled. I'll post it again in a week or two.