uTorrent 'Open Containing Folder' problem

I don't know if this is something for DOpus or uTorrent but here goes...

When I use 'Open Containing Folder' in uTorrent , a new listener opens for the containing folder. But, 15 seconds or so after that, an other listener opens for the container. This time with the file, I clicked 'Open Containing Folder' on, selected. Any idea how I can prevent the second (or rather the first) listener from opening?

I noticed that, too. It seems to be not OpusĀ“ fault at all, but most likely some "feature" of uTorrent, meant to be handy.

same issue here, most likely a uTorrent problem because it gets freezed (unable to click on torrents) until the second list is opened. I'm using v3.0.25234 btw.