V10: Copy - Progress Dialogue

Hi there.. o)

I have some strange looking font in that progress dialogue, did I miss to set it ?!
I looked through the settings, could not find any options for that.

Is that "Skip" button disabled intentionally and so, the fixed with of that window ?
The progress dialogue in v9 missed some information, i got used to it, now that
the new dialogue shows a nice "From: / To:" section in the top, this is often to
short, i want that window to be much wider than it is now. One can resize it, when
"unattended" ist active, i think that resize-option should be the regular case ?!

All together, that dialogue looks not so nice as in v9. Those labels which hide, until
there is a value to show, lead to some kind of cluttered look and feel, i think.
Honestly I have difficulties to map those meanings of the labels to their old
counterparts. A nice and simple percentage-number in that (a bit to narrow) progress
bar, i miss too.. o)

Where is "Time elapsed" and "remaining" for a single file? I miss that "techy" style.. o)

ps: The "Skip" button was enabled again in my next trys..

Thanks four your attention,
Rob.. o)

It's resizeable if you download the latest beta version.

That latest beta indeed brings the resizeable window and even some fixes
for little quirks I was about to report about, very nice! Thank you!.. o)

Could these resized window-dimensions be saved somehow ? It always
opens as small as it is.

Do you have any hint for that weird font rendering ?! I have everything
disabled on win7 that would cause any beautyfiing. No aero, no font-
smoothing, no effects and so on.


The weird font rendering is just how that font looks at that size with anti-aliasing disabled.

Ok.. o)

There is no option to select that font (-size) for the detail-information around the bars, right ?!
I just ask, I do not want to offend.. i'm a happy user.. o)

There isn't an option at the moment, but one or two people have asked so it might happen.

(I don't know how difficult it would be to make the font-size configurable there, as I've not looked at the code or how the window layout works since the new progress dialog was made, so I don't want to promise anything.)

Interestingly, that quite difficult to read font-rendering arround the progress bars, does not occur
on my laptop with windows xp, any effects or aliasing are also not activated on this machine.

Those missing labels (like the remaining time) i still find a bit odd, that "elapsed time"-display is
in between nothing, looks strange to me, anyone else ?!.. o)

Your two machines are using different fonts.

The time-remaining will appear once the operation has progressed enough for it to be estimated.

Yes, the remaining time appears somewhen, personally i would prefer all labels to show
right from the start, just showing (N/A) or ?? something, to fill the gaps in the dialogue.
This is of course not a show stopper.. o) Just wanted to tell and hear other users opinion
on that.

That font is set in Windows then, i guess.. ?! I'll have another look.. o)