[V10] How to have back <Refresh>


I do not have anymore F5 to refresh my views !?

How can I have it back ?


p.s. This new version is impressive, very nice work !

It's here in the default toolbars. Maybe you deleted that button-menu?

Ok, correct.

I have removed that bar, so I have lost the refresh option :cry:

You can add it back as a hotkey through Customize. The command is Go REFRESH.

Thanks, that´ s it :wink:

I had the same issue where I customised my buttons and lost he ability to refresh.

The thread provided the answer, but I think F5/Refresh should probably be included as a default hotkey like F2 and others.

F2 is a standalone hotkey because there's no toolbar or menu item for it.

Where something is already on a toolbar/menu, it makes things easier if its command is only defined in one place with a hotkey added to it where appropriate.

Note that the menu item has the hotkey displayed on it, too. If the hotkey was defined separately then you would have to edit two things if you wanted to change the hotkey, and only one of those things would be listed in the hotkey list.

If you've going to delete parts of the default toolbars, it's up to you to make sure you don't need anything in them.

I knew that despite the fact F5 was not working for me, I could define it as a hotkey myself. But I had no idea why it was not working by default.

If it were not for this thread, I honestly would not have guessed that a hotkey for a command would be dependent on a GUI element being visible--especially F5 which is a common command in so many different applications.

In my opinion (and it is just an opinion), keyboard controls should be mostly detached from a GUI's icons--I can remove all icons from my browser (all browsers) and still be able to use a keyboard to navigate. Although I accept that, for better or worse, DO does not work this way.

I have this fixed now, of course. So I only mention this to provide feedback from a users perspective.

Since I "started fresh" with Opus 10 and reset all of my preferences from scratch, I bumped into this one myself as I turned off the default toolbars and started building new ones. Eventually - I just copied and customized the default toolbars to new toolbars and didn't really remove much - but just the same, yeah it caught me by surprise - it's not a side effect that most people would likely expect or be aware of.

That said - this is the way things work in v9 as well I believe.

But to fairly compare this behavior to other apps that let you turn off all icons/toolbars and still have their hotkeys function - take Opera for example... it let's you modify keyboard bindings, and then corresponding entries in the 'Menu' toolbar for that 'command' actually gets updated so that the new key binding is displayed next to the command in the menu. That's pretty neat - and would prevent the need to "update things in multiple places" that Leo mentioned (if the toolbar/menu buttons were to then just contain the text mentioning the hotkey in the Label)...

But Opus has to contend with much more customization capability than Opera. Opera has specific "commands" that you bind hotkeys to - so it can easily "associate" whatever hotkey change you make with wherever in the menus that command appears in order to update the text display automatically. An item on an Opus toolbar is a completely independent customizable "thing"... not a static command. The Go REFRESH item on the Location toolbar could just as easily be running additional or entirely different commands. There's no way for Opus to associate it with an independent hotkey...

Personally, I think the 'convenience' of having the hotkey assigned right in the button where you can more easily edit the Label displaying the text for the hotkey along with the hotkey binding itself isn't worth an unwary user losing the functionality of the hotkey. Leo is going to think I'm just out to disagree with him lately :slight_smile:... but the position on this topic could just have easily been something like:

[quote="leo could have"]If you've going to modify default hotkey bindings for common commands, it's up to you to go into your toolbars and edit any buttons that run those commands and update the Labels to display your new hotkey text[/quote].