V11.8 - Slow Search Problem

I was just going to start a new thread with the extremely slow and/or crashing Dopus search that I am experiencing recently, both from the Windows Search box in Dopus and from the Dopus internal search function.

Then I found this thread and stumbled upon "PowerFolder" -- which I also have installed only recently.

So probably, the Dopus search slowdown problems are caused by PowerFolder. The only thing I could say about PowerFolder at the moment is that it seems to add its own Icon overlay to the folders that are synchronized using PowerFolder.

I don't know however whether this Icon overlay would harm the dopus search functions.

Anyway, I hope we can find the reasons why PowerFolder interferes so much with those search functions.


Dopus version 11.6 64 bit on Windows 7

Try disabling PowerFolder's icon-related shell extensions using ShellExView.

If that stops the crashing, you'll need to report the problem to PowerFolder's authors, as we cannot do anything about crashes inside of other shell extensions, other than try to blacklist the shell extension (which has the same effect as disabling it).

OK thanks. I'll report back. Btw., uninstalling PowerFolder instantly restored Dopus search speed (and gave me a blue screen crash).