V13.2 - Thumbnail slider - how to see the percentage of increase?

I have this thumbnail slider in the toolbar.

Vainly tried to figure out how to set it so that it will show the percentage of increase/decrease (like: 120% of 90%) or have it displayed somewhere, and a 1-click (re)set to 100%.

Any suggestions?


Double-clicking it will reset it to the normal size (the one set in Preferences).

There isn't a way to make it show size as a percentage, but it should show you the actual pixel size as you move the slider.

Thank you.

Reason for asking is I am a bit puzzled as to why the thumbnails are larger in v13.2 and (probably because of that??) some are blurry when comparing them with v12.x

In both cases I double clicked the zoom slider and they show a thumbnail size of 435.

The v12 settings have been restored into v13.
Maybe it something having to do with resize mode? No idea.

Can you show us the difference in how thumbnails look?

Which type of files are involved?

Sorry for the delay.

It is about the thumbnail view. With me, in v13.2 they are 'oversized' and become blurry. The same screenshots in v12 are not. Double clicking on the thumbnail size slider doesn't change it. The file previews are fine.


Think I just found it.
Preferences > File Display Modes > Thumbnails: set to "Fit, but only reduce, never upscale"
(it was set to "Fit, with pixelated upscaling")

Now they look alright. Didn't give that a try, assuming the 'double click' would make the thumbnail show as 100%, but the Fit with pixelated upscaling overrides that.
Anyway, solved.