V13.2 Time Estimation when moving is far off

Just upgraded my Version 12 Installation of DOpus to 13 yesterday.

Today I am moving some files around and saw this behaviour


After 8 Minutes 25% of the Files are moved, but the estimated time to finish is 2h 10 Minutes. This seems wrong.

While writing this issues the numbers seems now correct. I am at 60% now with 20 Minutes passed and 17 Minutes left. Its all Files of 1-GB to 2-GB Size moving from Internal SSD to External USB3-Harddrive (200 MB/s). There are also a few folders with ~1000k Textfiles with a total of 5GB all together.

I don’t think we changed how tome estimates are calculated.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how long a copy or move will take, especially with varied file sizes involved and other activity on the system, as well as antivirus slowing some files more than others. Time estimates are just estimates, and sometimes won’t be that accurate or will take a while to settle down.

I found it to be very acurate in the past. Never mind, if nothing was changed in that code. Thought I share my experience with such a major "update"

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