V9.1.0.1 Locks up on Drag/Drop....Crash installing v9.1.0.2

This morning my current version started locking up when I drag & drop using the right mouse key. Ending processes using Task Manager, and even rebooting doesn't help.

So, I checked for a new version and downloaded When I run the .exe to install it I get this error:

Any Help will be appriciated.


Make sure the installer downloaded fully. At least with Firefox I've seen the download stop half way through but the browser still acts as if it was successful and I get strange errors when double-clicking the exe.

An easy way to check that the download completed is to right-click the setup exe, choose Properties and go to the Digital Signatures tab. If it verifies that it's signed by GPSoftware then the download completed, but otherwise the file is corrupt/incomplete.


That was it! I thought it downloaded too quick. It started out very slowly, and then it finished too quick. It was only 7meg. And yes, I was using Firefox, you were correct again.

You are Great Nudel! Fast Response. On the button. And great support!