Var is inserted at the end of line from dropdown in button editor

Hello! o)

What I find weird for some time is, the dropdown in the button editor inserts variables and path-placeholders at the end of the line instead of where the cursor currently sits. Has this always been like this, I'd bet not?

Thanks, tb.

It has always worked that way, adding the new argument to the end, unless you select something which modifies an existing argument.

Ok thanks. o) Even if it always worked that way, I must say I can't imagine it's prefered?

With variables, which you almost always like to insert into an already existing path or similar, this feels odd everytime. Looking at standalone arguments to add to commands, it's not much different. Adding these to the end is unexpected unless I have put my cursor there with a press of .

Currently it takes unnecessary cut & paste ops whenever you make use of the dropdowns (which are handy nonetheless).
The cursor you already had carefully placed is repositioned as well, so I vote for a change and challenge everyone to convince me on why the current behaviour is any good! o)

It works this way on purpose, because it ensures arguments don't get inserted into other other arguments or between arguments and their parameters, if the cursor is somewhere it shouldn't be.

It also means you can just use up/down cursor movements, or coarse mouse movements, to activate the line you're interested in changing, then use the menus.

It almost never matters where arguments are inserted, as long as it is not in the middle of other arguments/parameters, so you shouldn't need to move things around often.

You try to find reasons, don't you? o) Now what creates more headaches, copy & pasting everything back in place (which needs proper placement of the cursor multiple times) or just placing the cursor once and then using the dropdown? You'd need to capture and reposition any CTRL-V then as well, "just to make sure" you don't paste into the middle of existing arguments/variables.

I'd see some value in up/down cursor movement if whatever switch under the cursor gets removed/replaced with stuff from the dropdown, but not in just being able to go crazy adding a lot of switches or loose variables to the end of various commands.

It does quite often, because there are a lot of RAW type of parameters out there, and it also matters for variables, which make no sense at the end of most commands. And one more: If you have multiple commands in a button, you may also like to keep the order of switches visually aligned, so you prefer to insert them where they line up with commands further up/down.

It won't be changing, sorry. If you want an argument inserted in the middle you can type it there manually.

I didn't need to find reasons; the reasons for the design already existed.

No there aren't.

[ul][li]CLI QUICKxyz args[/li]
[li]Clipboard SET[/li]
[li]Find QUERY[/li]
[li]Go FTPCMD[/li][/ul]
That's it, and it's rare to be editing most of those, especially to add switches rather than change the raw parameter itself.

Variables can usually go anywhere, can't they? Maybe I'm not thinking of the same situation(s) you have in mind.

If you want the same switches on multiple lines and already have those switches on one line, it's quicker to copy & paste to the other lines than to use the menus.