Various configuration questions, mainly about folder tabs

New DO user here and I'm generally very satisfied with the application. I have a bunch of questions, most of these are actually features that XYplorer has, that I'm missing in DO.

Folder tabs:

  • Is there a way to show the entire path (shortened if there's not enough room of course) on the folder tab? Instead of just showing the current folder name, and optionally, the drive letter.
  • Is there a way of highlighting the currently active tab more, like bolding the text?
  • Is there a way to make opening a new tab show up next to the current tab, like Firefox can?
  • Is there a way to make tabs auto-size, but never exceed the full width of the tab bar? The drop-down or arrows to show more tabs when the bar gets full isn't really that great.

Other stuff:

  • Can DO remember the last item (file or dir) I had selected when I last visited that directory? DO only remembers it when going up one level, not when entering the directory again later.
  • Can I integrate the Find / search results window to the main lister? I can only make it either show in a new collection (which opens a new window - a new tab would be nice) or the undocked output window
  • Can I make a shortcut to creating a new Text file in the current directory?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

No. The drive-letter can be turned on but that's it, AFAIK.

If you turn off Preferences / Listers / Folder Tabs: Use Visual Style under XP/Vista then you can configure custom colours under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.

Not that I know of.

The only tab-size options are those in Preferences where you can set the max size or tabs to use a fixed size. There's no option to prevent them overflowing.

(If you regularly open that many tabs open, maybe it would be better to use something else instead, e.g. a menu of paths/favorites or tab-groups.)

When going up or back to a folder the same lister has already displayed, yes, but not when reading a "fresh" copy of a folder (i.e. navigating any other way).

Use Tools -> Find Panel instead of the old standalone Find window.

Yes, see the second post (my reply) in this thread: Create a new (empty) file.

BTW, please ask unrelated questions in separate threads in future so the forum is easier to search.

Thanks for the help.

In the future, I'll remember to do one question per thread. You're completely right, that's the best way of doing it.