Version 11.10 crashes when I right click a file. Version 10.5 works OK

I get message
The error (0xC0000005) occurred in thread 'dopus_lister' at address 0x00000000100063AA.

I have uninstalled, re-installed , gone back to V10.5 just to check my facts.
But still V11.10 crashes.
I have reinstalled 10.5 until it is fixed.
ShexView show 253 extensions. I don't have the skill to trawl through all those.
Should I just wait until it is fixed???

You only have to consider the ones with "Context Menu" in the type column.

You can usually ignore the Microsoft ones, which narrows it down a lot more, too.

To go through the remaining list very quickly, first disable all the extensions, to see if the problem is in any of them (if not, it's something else going wrong). Then re-enable half of them, see if the problem is in that half. Then repeat the process until it's narrowed down to a single extension. That usually makes it quite quick to narrow down the problem extension.

Also, start with anything to do with Cloud Storage, as they tend to be problematic.

We can't fix problems we don't know about. The problem may not be in Opus at all, and could be in the shell extension that is crashing. Only way to tell is to investigate, which only you can do on your machine.