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Version 12.12 won't switch to Light version



Looks like there is a bug in the version switch dialog of release 12.12.

I downloaded and installed DO only wanting the Light version, but was forced to install the Pro. After the temporary certificate expired, I told the software to switch me to the Light version, which brought up a dialog box saying that I needed to restart the app to do so. When when I press [OK] to proceed, nothing happens. If I manually restart, it stays with the unusable Pro version. Reinstall doesn't help either.

I hope DO has not become 'hostage-ware'.


While evaluating, you can't switch to Light once the initial evaluation period has expired, or if an extended eval cert for Pro is installed:

The option to switch to Light should not be shown once it is no longer available, so there may be a bug there, just with the option being shown. Can you tell us how that happened in more detail? e.g. Did you install an extended evaluation certificate for the Pro version? What do you mean when you say you were forced to install Pro?