Version string

Is there a way to place the version string (eg. into a toolbar or the titlebar?

I don't think there is, sorry.

Ok, perhaps consider adding it to your long list of feature requests. Perhaps an argument to the HELP command, something like HELP /ABOUT /VERS which would set the title (and/or tooltip) of the button to the version string.


What kind of thing do you want it for?

Only so I can see quickly glance (w/out action) at which version I'm using. The HELP /ABOUT button is convenient enough, but I'd prefer to just glance (esp. when a dialog such as the Update dialog is present - clicking a button moves it beneath other windows)

I was thinking if there was a {dopusvers} variable, it could be used as part of the button title, and perhaps that could be used in the tooltip:

Displays Directory Opus copyright and version information =>

Displays copyright and version information about Directory Opus

... or in the title bar.

Obviously, very low priority/concern.

Thanks for reading.


This version string support is new in the Directory Opus Pro Beta, released earlier today.

Regards, AB