Vertical Space between folders and files

I suppose this is not possible but it would be great if we could have a little space after folders end and the file list starts.

So I don't mean vertical spaces between each item, only one between all folders and all files, so this way we can immediately see where the files list begins. This is an alternate to coloring the folder backgrounds for example.

My file display looks like this


Provides sufficient guidance, at least for my taste.

Is yours so different that you need more visual separation?

Yes, because I have folders with custom icons and the type column is also at the end. So visually they all look the same.

Unless I put that column 2 you have but it is not beautiful and it's redundant. We already see the file extensions in the name. That column would be great if we had one where it only showed -dir- and no file extensions.

A vertical space would be more elegant perhaps.

And if we don't want to see the extensions in the filename, there is no specific column? We should do it at the windows level?

The change of colors from folders to files is usually enough?