Very noticeable speed decrease after upgrading to Pro yesterday

I was so excited to upgrade to Pro after using Light since Humble Bundle, but the performance of my copy got very sluggish right after upgrading last night. Any advice on what I should do? Will my current preferences be saved if I ever try to do a re-installation?

Uninstalling will wipe your config, so you should use Settings > Backup & Restore first to make a config backup.

Problems can sometimes be triggered by the configuration, so if you do uninstall/re-install, it is worth checking if the problem still happens with the default config before restoring the backup.

These guides are also a good place to start in tracking down performance issues:

Solved it without re-installing!

The culprit was that the Transition Animations was suddenly enabled after upgrading my license. I'm using AutoHotkey a lot in my workflow and the delay added by these animations messed up my macros. Turning off the animations fixed the problem.

Those animations should not normally slow anything down, especially not automation. Even while the short animations are playing, keyboard and mouse clicks still work and go through to the window the same as if the animations weren't happening.

If they're adding pauses or a significant delay, that might point to a GPU driver issue, perhaps. Are they up to date? Windows 10 also has a habit of messing up GPU drivers during its larger updates, until they are downloaded and reinstalled from the GPU vendor's website (AMD, Intel, NVidia, etc.).

I use AHK to automate the copy/paste of a lot of files between many directories. My macro uses a lot of "Ctrl+Tab" and "Alt+Left/Right" to navigate directories. At the first few directories the AHK macro works flawlessly, but the small delays the transition animation adds snowballs and the macro goes wonky after a while. I use 100ms delays between most commands, and while increasing the delay would probably solve the issue too, it's much easier to turn off the animations in Opus. I'm kinda used to there being no animations anyway, so it's all okay now. :slight_smile:

You could probably do that in a much better, faster and more reliable way by turning it into an Opus command.

Sometimes automating things by sending keystrokes to them is the only way to do things, but there are much better ways in Opus.

If you'd like help converting the AHK macro into something better, we'd be happy to provide it. Just start a thread with the details and we'll suggest ways to do the same thing using Opus commands and/or scripting (depending on how complex the task is)

Even if turning off the animations makes the AHK macro work again, it won't be reliable if something causes some part of the operations to run slowly one day, which could cause things to go haywire at the worst moment.

Thank you! I'll try to make a post about it within the next few days.

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