Very slow lister population with Samba

I've just got Samba working on my Amiga.

The problem is that browsing my Amiga drives via DOpus on the PC is incredibly slow. The Amiga hard drive grinds away for ages until the list of files eventually appears. A directory with 29 entries takes around 18 seconds to appear.

I am in PowerMode, I have icons switched off, the only columns I'm using are Name, Size and Type, and I have switched off Auto Folder Size calculation.

If I use Explorer, the same directory comes up very quickly. If I mount a drive letter and use the command line, it's also very quick.

What could the problem be?

And also is there any way to check the status of a support request submitted through the main website?


And another thing.....

If I copy a file from the PC to the Amiga by dragging from one Opus window to another, or by using Copy in a dual display, I get this error:

An error occured copying '':
The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. (1117)

[Retry/Skip/Skip All/Abort]

If I drag a file from the PC to the Amiga going from an Opus window to an Explorer window, then it copies okay. The copy command on the command line works fine as well.

I'm just guessing but the slowness may be because Samba is not optimized for the ways Opus copies files. Don't know why it would be so slow but maybe something to do with the way Samba buffers data or something?

Another guess but the problem with drag & drop may be that Samba doesn't support the interface that Opus is providing for the drop event. Drag & drop is pretty complicated, and long winded, to do completely correctly so the Samba authors may only support the subset of interfaces that Explorer uses. (Thinking about it some more, it's probably not a drag & drop interface but a filesystem method, since I doubt Samba is directly involved with drag & drop.)