VERY strict license?

I am reading Opus Manual, and there I see:
"Usage on more than one machine or by
more than one user requires that a license be purchased for each machine or each end user of the software."

So if I used DO and my wife wanted to 'take a look at something' while I am working she would be forbidden, according to the license, to touch DO? In practice I need one license for every person in my household?
Do I read it wrong, or is it the most restrictive license one could figure out?

What do you think?


Please contact GPSoftware directly for license issues.

I would imagine that the part you quote is mostly written for situations like installing DOpus on several computers in a corporate network.

I have a hard time believing GPSoftware's lawyers would come kick your door down if their clairvoyants saw your wife trying out DOpus on your computer. :smiley:

(Disclaimer: Obviously I can't speak for GPSoftware on this matter, nor do I know if they have lawyers and/or clairvoyants working for them. :slight_smile:)

No. As stated in the licence conditions, the licence is a traditional standard 'install' licence. It is not user licence but an install licence. You need a licence for each machine on which the program is installed. Unless, that is, you are running in a business environment with a shared server and multiple users whereupon an 'install' becomes a user.

This forum is not an official support forum for such qurstions. If you have any questions on such matters please use the support form on our web site ( to contact me directly.

(Dr Greg Perry, GPSoftware)