Video file information fields

{picwidth}, {picheight}, {datarate} and {framerate} commands don't have any effect. DOpus doesn't read information from 3/4 of video files (mkv, wmv and others). Does it happens because some codec are absent or Opus itself?

Well, I use MediaInfo and its Tooltip option works well with all files and DOpus.

In tooltip I see only File Type, Date Modified and Size :frowning:

If you have installed MediaInfo, go to Dopus menu/file types.../file type groups and Movies, for example. By pressing Edit, you can add any missing extensions that interest you, mkv for example. Then, go to 'InfoTip' at the top, go to the end of the text at the window below, and select Insert Field/Shell Info Tip. You should now have the "{infotip}" entry and you're ok.
Sometimes it gets disabled, a MediaInfo problem. Just go to MediaInfo, disable the ToolTip option, and enable it again.

Thanks. Now I have full information in tooltip. But I need to rename ~200 files according to their {picwidth}, {picheight}, {datarate} and {framerate}. Is it possible to take these parameters from MediaInfo?

Sorry, I don't know how can you do that.

You can use the commands in the standard rename dialog as long as you have "enable file information fields" checked.

Old Name: .
New Name: {picwidth} {picheight} {datarate} {framerate}.*
Type: Standard Rename

or something like that...

{picwidth} etc. will only work if Opus itself knows how to obtain the width. If the width is coming from the MediaInfo shell extension instead then I don't think there is an easy way to use that in a rename.

(If there aren't many widths / framerates then you could sort by the MediaInfo columns and then rename the similar files in batches, I guess.)

The solution was to export custom themed txt file from MediaInfo with wanted attributes (%filename%, %width%, %height% and others) and then rename files according to txt (I did't find how to do that with DOpus and had to install Total Commander trial).

There's a post in the Rename Scripting forum about how to do that.

thanks, I've found :thumbsup: