Video Files & Meta Data

When trying to view Meta Data of video files it only works for when there is no preview pane open. Is there a fix for this so that I can have both the player pane and Meta data pane at ones?


You can use either the view panel or the metadata panel at a time. This is no flaw.

How are you opening the viewer or metapane? If you're using a Style it may be configured to turn everything else off when you activate it. That's just configuration and you can change it if you want it to work differently.

Or just turn both panels on using the button and menu near the top-right of the window. Opus won't stop you having both at once:

Guys, sorry then. I thought, this wasn´t possible.

See attached. I cannot see both at the same time, see the movie and the meta data. In other words when the movie preview pane is active I do not see the meta data.


It seems to work with WMV files but not AVI files, so I'm guessing the code to play and/or get metadata from AVI files is asking for an exclusive lock on the file, and one is blocking the other.

I'm not sure if that code is within Opus's control or not, but you could send a support request if you want GPSoft to look into it.