Video metadata pane doesn't work properly

I have a problem with metadata in video files.
I can't see in Dopus all the information that the files have (in any type of format) and that I really can see in the Details of the windows explorer properties panel.
I do see the extended properties data, but none of the non-editable properties or most of the video properties.
I purchased Dopus precisely because of its ease in handling the metadata since that was precisely the functionality I was looking for, but this problem worries me because it does not provide me the solution I was looking for and that this program was supposed to do.

This is something we'll be improving in the future, with support for metadata in more video formats (basically all of the ones which are commonly used, at least).

Expected timeframe?

Can't say at the moment, but it's being worked on, as part of a general overhaul of the Movie plugin.

Ok, thanks.