Video metadata properties are editable, but not saved

When I open the Metadata panel for a video, the following properties appear as editable, but after I click Apply, they are not saved:

  • Author URL
  • Conductors
  • Directors
  • Encoded By
  • Initial key
  • Mood
  • Producers
  • Publisher
  • Title Subtitle
  • Writers

I don't know if the bug is in them appearing as editable, or if DOpus can edit those properties, but it has a bug in doing so.
FWIW, the test video has no subtitles, but Title Subtitle is displayed anyway.

What type of video? Can you upload a sample file?

@Jon I don't have many videos at hand, but in the tests I did, it affects mp4s. I'll send you a sample via PM.

Thanks for that, I've confirmed the issue. Actually the properties are being set fine, they're just not being read back again. We'll look into it.

This has been fixed for the next beta. Many thanks for reporting it.

Confirmed fixed in v13.0.46! Many thanks!

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