VideoLAN and DO

I've been searching the forum but with no success;

I wondered if there was a plugin/activeX control that would allow VideoLAN to be used within DO. Obviously I can double click a file (MP3, avi etc) and it will fire up VLC, but I was just interested to know if this could be done with a toolbar with all the relevant buttons within DO?

I don't think the VideoLAN ActiveX control works with any of the existing Opus plugins.

Someone could write a plugin that integrated VLC into Opus but nobody has so far.

If you install FFDShow and the splitters described here then you should be able to play just about anything (including MOV, MKV, FLV) in Opus.

You should already be able to play MP3 files in Opus via the Windows Media Player ActiveX control and Opus's ActiveX plugin. You probably just need to disable Opus's MP3 tag editing plugin so that the files drop through to the ActiveX plugin.

thanks for the info, a great help. My main problem has been that DO does tend to crash if I am viewing mpeg files (They're about 85Mb). Not sure why. Obviously If I double click on them, the latest version of VLC (0.92) opens up at the speed of light and works fine, so I should probably stick to that method. I use VLC as it's the player that seems to be able to render/play just about anything, something that cannot be said for Windows media player.

I don't think there's anything which VLC can play that you cannot play, with stability, using WMP (etc.); it's a matter of installing the right codecs/splitters and, perhaps more importantly, avoiding the wrong ones.

The good thing about VLC is that it has all of its codecs "baked" into the program and (generally) ignores the ones installed for the OS as a whole.

I've found WMP/Opus + FFDShow (plus the splitters I mention in the FAQ) to be very stable and able to plays just about everything.

Still, a VLC plugin for Opus would make life easier for people who don't want to sort out their codecs. It's definitely a good idea. all these things it a luxury...and hard work for someone (I'd love to help, but have no programming knowledge or ability). I have to say that I've spent a great deal of time with codecs etc, as it's related to my work and have installed and used many "must have" codecs and packs (not all at the same time!!) and in my old age find that a programme like VLC that has many "baked" into it so much more convenient as a starting point than dealing with WMP. VLC does have issues, notably that it can interfere with other players such as quicktime etc and that my mpeg issues with DO are probably due to something going on between WMP and VLC.... What I am impressed with is the speed of the new version, from selecting the file to playing, which is almost instantaneous.