View inheritance and different users

My wife has just asked to use the computer this evening :open_mouth:

She has a user id, and My Documents etc. since it is usually just for letters and emails.

The last time she used the computer for anything other than email, I got it in the neck becasue of the 'complicated' way that I had set up Opus.

I want to set it up for her so that it is no more than an inhanced explorer whilst not losing any of the settings that I had stored ....

Here come the request (at last!) ...

Could someone please explain the hierachy involved in views, listers and multiple users. I have looked at the manual, but I did not find not particularly clear.

I have several needs such as
[ul]:arrow: the ability for the default views of her 'My Documents' (and sub-folders) to be set manually
:arrow_right: the ability for to look at the shared documents (mainly photos of the kids) with one viewer set-up which is different to mine
:arrow_right: For hidden and system files to remain hidden
:arrow_right: Are the settings for each folder all kept in the registry for each user, or is there a local file in each folder that I am in danger of losing?[/ul]
I have modified a view, for example, and then get paniced by the save box. Is what I am about to do going to affect me? or just the wife? What about sub-folders ... can I set them all at once to local controlled settings?

Thanks for any help


Assuming that Preferences / Miscellaneous / Miscellaneous: Change configuration mode... indicates you're currently using private configuration files then any chances you make to Folder Formats should be stored per-user.

I think Filetype changes are still stored per-machine and maybe some other settings like Explorer Replacement mode (not sure about that one though).

As an aside, you could always give her an icon which runs Explorer.exe if that's easier.