View Modes, columns and the @toggle command modifier

[It's been quite a while since I've been fiddling with my DO configuration; I quite enjoy picking it up again... :smiley: ]

My question:

I have four buttons in a toolbar to switch between my favourite View Modes and I want each of them to appear pressed when it's selected:

  1. List
Set VIEW=List
  1. Details

Set VIEW=Details Set COLUMNSREMOVE=thumbnail @toggle:if&!COLUMNSTOGGLE=thumbnail
3. Details + Thumbnails

Set VIEW=Details Set COLUMNSADD=thumbnail(0,96) @toggle:if&COLUMNSTOGGLE=thumbnail
4. Thumbnails

Set VIEW=Thumbnails

The setup is nearly perfect; it switches views as intended and the 'pressed' appearance is correct except in two cases:
When I switch from 2 to 3, button 2 remains pressed while button 3 remains released.
When I switch from 3 to 2, button 3 remains pressed while button 2 remains released.

I read the help and searched the forum and found, among others, the toggle Details+Thumbnail button thread which seems to confirm that what I have is correct - but I probably didn't fully grasp the workings of the @toggle modifier yet...

What am I missing?

2, 3 and 4 look like the commands on the default Menu toolbar, so they should work correctly unless there's a hidden detail somewhere.

Which version of Opus are you using?

Do the default toolbars work correctly?

I'm on the latest beta and I just checked the default Menu toolbar - you're right, the buttons look exactly the same. And no, they show the same behaviour I described above, i.e. I can switch between Details and Details+Thumbnails but the button state doesn't follow the switch.

Strange... Could you post a screenshot of the whole lister when it's showing the wrong button highlight?

Here it's the same, the toggle states update only if you ALT+TAB away and back.

Thanks, tbone, for checking that out!

This is my current testing environment:

I clicked on 1. List, then 3. Details+Thumbs, then 2. Details. The 3rd button remains pressed - until, as tbone found out, you switch to a different window and back.



It looks like it was working in 11.17 but is broken in the current beta.

Tank you, leo, so I guess it will be fixed again in some future version.
At least I wasn't too stupid to understand it... :wink: