View on Top?

Please don't shoot the newbie, but I have a question and realize it's probably a stupid one.

DOpus 8.1 seems to stay on top of other windows (XP) such as Media Player Classic which I've set to View on top of other windows.

I've looked through DOpus menus, FAQs and forums and can't seem to find an answer. Is there a setting to the effect of preventing DOpus from remaining on top of other windows (unselect focus)?

Thanks a million in advance.

Sounds like you're using a saved layout which has been set to "Always on top". There's a button on the default titlebar of Opus listers which looks like a pin (left most button). Toggle it and resave your layout.

The pin button has 3 states:

  1. Normal
  2. On top of other Opus windows.
  3. Always on top of EVERYTHING.

That's great, Tanis. Worked a treat. Thanks for the quick response!!!