View squeezes picture into 1/2 of pane-below is black

When I view a video in the viewer pane, it shows the video squished up in the upper 1/2 of the pane, then the vcr controls, then black.

I'd like to have the video fill the whole viewer pane.

Does it stay that way if the window is resized slightly?

Could you make a screenshot showing what happens? Don't worry if the video itself doesn't capture (sometimes it'll just be a solid square, depending on how it's sent to the screen); I'm more interested in seeing the controls etc.

Picture attached

If picture is resized, the VCR controls snap to the bottom and the aspect is better.

Ah, that's Windows Media Player, presumably playing via the ActiveX plugin. I've noticed it does that as well, and also messes up the aspect ratio.

Is the Movie plugin disabled for you? That should do a better job if you enable it.

No, enabled.

It's enabled, but below ActiveX document. Try moving it to the top of the list.

Or just remove the video file extensions from the ActiveX plugin's config. (They shouldn't be in there by default, as far as I remember.)

(I forgot it's up at the top of the list. The new version I'm working on puts itself near the bottom to avoid taking over things that have more specific plugins.)

I'm lost. I've tried lots of combinations, but I can't fix the problem. Can you spell out what I should do?

wmv's only show text, or hex stuff.

mpg's play, but squished.

In that Preferences page, click on the Movie plugin, then click the Move Up button to move it above the ActiveX Document plugin. Then click OK.

Note that if you have the viewer pane currently open and showing a movie you will need to close it and reopen it to reflect the change.

This is what I have.

wmv's only show text, or hex stuff.

mpg's play, but squished.

Please help.

Try this FAQ: [HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus)