Viewability on Very High Res Monitor

I have a high res monitor and the print for D. Opus is too small. I don't want to use the Windows increase text size as it affects the playability of my games. Is there a way to increase font size in D Opus. The only thing I found was how to change font colors. That won't work unless there is a font color called bigger, lol.


Stupid, did not go far enough, just found it

Opus 12 will scale with system DPI size. If you're forcing the system DPI to be 96 DPI on a high DPI screen, every part of the desktop would be difficult to read and I don't know how you could stand that. You can disable scaling in individual applications (i.e. games that need it) while keeping it on for the system as a whole, which is probably a better idea.

Font sizes can be set under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts, regardless, but everything else (icons, spacing of controls, every other program on the desktop and Windows itself) will still be the wrong size if you use that approach.

Yea, just proved you right, increased file and folder sizes but tool bars are really not readable.

Ok, How do I disable scaling in games, just point me in a direction, I should be able to figure it out from there.


Open Properties for the game's exe file, then go to the Compatibility tab:

Click Change high DPI settings and turn on the Override ... checkbox at the bottom, then set it to Application.

This is for the latest Windows 10 build 1803 released recently.

It was slightly different before that update, with the drop-down in the main Properties dialog instead of the child dialog that they added 1803.

In even older versions of Windows 10, and Windows in general, there was just a checkbox to disable DPI scaling for the app, which would do the same thing.

Thanks Leo - ALOT.

i have had a purchased version of D Opus for a long, long time. I have purchased updates cause the program is very useful and I feel that I support it by updating. This is maybe the 3 time I have requested help in > 10 years and always have had my issue addressed well.

Thanks again Leo. I an era when so software goes unsupported it is fantastic that a few companies have held fast to their roots.