Viewer behavior when moving/deleting images

Hi all,
I have some buttons on the standalone viewer toolbar that I use to move images using the Copy MOVE TO *path function, as well as a delete button Show VIEWERCMD=delete, while scrolling through folders of images.
When I delete a file via the delete button, the viewer advances to the next image in the folder, while using one of the "move" buttons, the viewer does not advance.
Is there a command I can use to move files AND advance the viewer? It must be usable in a button.
Thanks in advance.
P.S. for @Leo You need to fill me in on your sim rig? Spotted it in the background of a video a while back :innocent:

This seems to work well for moving files:

Copy MOVE TO /downloads
Show VIEWERCMD=refresh

The last line is only really needed when you move the very last file, where "next" won't do anything, but "refresh" will make it notice the current file is missing and go to the new last file (or close the viewer if there are none last).

(Using just "refresh" and no "next" also appears to work at first, but will skip every other file.)

It's a P1-X with a load of Fanatec stuff bolted on to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @leo, that's perfect. My problem-solving skills have vanished thanks to a brain injury.

Nice rig. I've got a home-built rig that I'm too embarrassed to post on the internet, but it holds my gear rigid so...
Haven't used it in a while due to a rotator cuff issue though... getting old sucks.

That's all that matters! My wood- and metalworking skills are zero, but I can bolt together some alu-profile. :smiley:

I know that feeling. :frowning: Wishing VR had come out when I was younger.

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Don't get me started. :: I'm giving MSFS a bash atm, bought some nice monitors and a Tobii eye tracker, and holy cow it transforms sim flying. Now I kinda want VR though...

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We plan to change that in 12.29.1 beta (after the 12.29 stable release, which is locked down now). In the future, you should be able to simplify things to just this:

Copy MOVE TO /downloads
Show VIEWERCMD=refresh
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