Viewer configuration file

Lousy title, so let me explain:

Trying to stop Dopus from auto-playing music files in the viewer pane, I found out that it is using a 32-bit "viewer" (Generic ActiveX 32-bit).

I can understand why the 32-bit version is the standard, but I am going to use the 64-bit version.

Do I need to add file extensions one by one in the GUI or can I do this through some configuration file?
It looks like docs.oxc (in the userprofile) only stores settings that deviate from the out of the box settings, so that wasn't helpful.
A location where the defaults are stored would get me going too.

You’ve found the right file. If you do an extension or two by hand it should show what to do in the file for the others.

It may also need to be edited while Opus isn’t running.

We will be improving the UI for that plugin fairly soon, including making the extension list into a edit control so you can copy and paste multiple extensions at once. (Similar to the Digital Camera / Raw plugin Ui.)

That was exactly the info I needed :slight_smile:


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