Viewer for WordPerfect - how do I use it?

Hi Leo,

I have what seems like a great idea for viewing WordPerfect WPD files in Opus 9. Tell me what you think.

The Opus viewer pane displays MS Word files very nicely. I don't know if this is because there is a Word viewer built into Opus, or because I have the MS Office Suite 2007 installed.

And, if I right click on a WPD file, and select MS Word as the "Open With" program, it opens very nicely, with formatiing in amazingly good shape. So, since this does produce very good results, how can I tell the Opus 9 viewer to use the MS Word viewer for the WPD files?

On the surface this seems like a great approach. Hopefully it not only seems like one, but can also be implemented.

Thanks -

Please advise.

Ron Hirsch

Please attach a WordPefect file I can test with and I'll see if that works.

Here is a test file that they hand out with QuickView Plus.

I offer it until the person seeking this help can deliver their own file.

It is zipped because the bulletin board does not allow me to post a .wpd file. (27.3 KB)


Attached is a WPD file, with some minor formatting that should serve to run the test.

I have zipped it since WPD files are not allowed. I've not yet added any files here, so I hope it gets through properly.

If it does not, any WPD file would serve here, And the one sent by michaelkenward should also serve for the test.

I hope is does work. :slight_smile:

Ron Hirsch
Club Car (5.18 KB)


I've attached an additional sample WPD file, which contains virtually no formatting. The file I sent earlier hiccupped slightly when opened with Word, but did display fine. This additional document had no hiccups

Even if the preview pane did not do a 100% job on the preview, just having the substance of the document would be a big help. I use that preview to just get the basic info of the document, and would not care if all the formatting were lost.

Thanks again for your help. It is appreciated.


Aspen letter (2.85 KB)

The Microsoft Office preview handler will not view Word Perfect files at all, as far as I can tell. Maybe there are some registry settings which would make it work but I can't find them.

Microsoft Office itself will view Word Perfect files, but only after displaying a prompt asking you to confirm their format which you have to click on before they are converted and displayed, so it's not very suitable for use as a viewer.

Open Office will view Word Perfect files, if you have:

[ol][li]Installed the Open Office ActiveX component:

[li]Added the .wpd extension to the Opus ActiveX plugin's Generic ActiveX line:

(Note: In the screenshot above, a different extension is being added to the Web Browser section. Make sure you add .WPD to the Generic ActiveX section at the bottom and not the Web Browser section.)

[li]Installed the attached registry settings, which I made to associate the OpenOffice ActiveX control with .WPD files.

(Note: This will not affect what happens when .WPD files are double-clicked. It only affects ActiveX.) (452 Bytes)[/li][/ol]

Now, saying all that, your mileage may vary. I have found the OpenOffice ActiveX control to be very unreliable over the years, with different bugs coming and going with every new version of OpenOffice. (Most of these bugs affect Internet Explorer as well, so they're not Opus doing something wrong.) For example, the version I have on my test machine seems to ignore mouse clicks and will only open one file (of any type) before it gets into a state where every subsequent file just shows blank space (until soffice.bin is killed via Task Manager). Earlier versions failed to resize properly when the viewer window (or Internet Explorer) was resized, etc...

So using Open Office is a bit of a last resort, to be honest, but you might find it works well enough until when/if Word Prefect ships with a preview handler for Vista/Win7.

Hi Leo,

Thank you for all the work you put into this matter. You really went beyond the call of duty here.

Based on all your inputs, I think I will just wait until something more reliable occurs, such as QuickView Plus 11 having an edition which will work in Win 7 64 bit. My new system has been a constant battle in many areas, related to the 64 bit situation, and I'm weary of fighting that battle. So, installing OpenOffice, which I don't really need, is not path that I'd prefer to take, especially since it too will not be a solid choice, based on your words.

So, thanks again for all your efforts on my behalf.


After spending a week of evenings working my way through countless "fix it for WPD preview" threads here & elsewhere, I finally stumbled across the answer. It works on both my Vista-32 laptop and Windows 7 Starter netbook (Asus 1005PE). Since I personally found this whole thing to be maddening, I want to include everything you need to know to pull this off correctly, so apologies for length of this post. Whole deal takes less than 15 minutes.

Version 9.x of Dopus comes with multiview.dll, housed in the Viewers subdirectory of the Dopus install tree. The trick is to get the filters needed to make that MultiViewer relate to WPD files.

The X1 search app is available for a trial evaluation ( When it installs, the X1 tree includes a "Stellent" subdirectory. That subdirectory has a Filters subdirectory. Those filters include WPD goodness.

(As it happens, I have a 2008 license for X1, so I used that older app installer. Since that dev believes I should pay close to full price for subsequent upgrades after a year, even at same base version number (e.g., 6.1 --> 6.7), I refused to repurchase.)

In any event, I copied the Stellent directory tree to my Dopus tree. Then within Dopus:
............... Settings > Preferences > Viewers
Click on MultiView, then click Configure. When the "MultiView Viewer Plugin Config" popup appears, under "Viewer Libraries", click Locate. Navigate to the Stellent/Filters directory, so that the "Filters" subdirectory is selected. Once selected, click OK til you back out gracefully. If you see an Apply box, be sure to click it to ensure your handiwork "takes".

Shut down Dopus (including the systray icon), then restart and test a WPD file. It should load perfectly, even the latest WPX5 versions! I suspect the newer/current X1 trial app includes the same basic directory tree post-install.

Final note: before I worked out the above fix, I had tried QuickView Plus, via a trial evaluation install. Two insurmountable problems:

  1. There is no distinct Stellant subdirectory. Instead, there's a series of DLLs which, I presume, are viewers. I'm not a computer programmer, but logic suggested that uninstallng QVP would likely kill whatever magic lies in those viewer DLLs.
  2. The current version of QVP will not relate to my WPX5 install. Instead, it insists on looking for the old-named Corel Word Perfect Office. Even pointing it to the precise directory does nadda.
    Hence, I kept looking til I saw a thread about "Stellant" filters, and eventually lucked up on the X1 connection.

Off-topic, but while I'm here, a quick confirmation. PDF xChange Pro Viewer will work as the pdf viewer, IF you set that app as the default handler for your PDF files.

As someone noted below, there are two spellings appearing throughout the Web, so try both stellAnt and stellEnt. I have no clue which is correct at this point.

Just in case anyone does a search and fails, older versions of X1 misspell Stellent as Stellant.

The info re the X1 Stellent filters is interesting. But of course, I do not have X1, so I cannot copy the Stellent folder out, and use it in Opus.

I do have Quickview Plus 8 installed on my old XP machine. You noted that using something from that install is not obvious.

So, the question still is - how do I get a viewer for WPD files in Opus 9?

Hopefully, Opus version 10 may incorporate that filter.

Since I also have MS Office 2007 installed, it give me full viewing capability for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. So I did not have to install the MS viewers for them, and I have perfect viewing of them in Opus 9.

Ron Hirsch

I was curious to see if the newer/current evaluation download of x1 still includes the Stellent filters, and if so, if the x1 directory tree remains the same. Yes on both counts.

Downloading direct from is a pain per detailed info requested. Grab a fully functional trial, in peace, from instead.

The current price is about $50. I was unable to locate any coupons or discount codes.


You can download from telling them your name is micky mouse.
Use a temporary E-mail adress to keep your privacy. It's only used to send you the download link.
I can confirm that it's working with the file "Ron Hirsch" presented here.

Thanks for all the info.

I would like to try this out.

I am using the 64 bit version for Opus 9.5, since I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Will all of this still work in Win 7 64 bit?

Ron Hirsch

It'll only work with 64-bit Opus if you can find 64-bit versions of the Stellent viewer DLLs. I don't know of anyone finding them or confirming that they work (if 64-bit versions of them exist).

Thanks for all your info.

X1 seems to have far more power than QuickView Plus. And I was advised by QVP that they have no info on any upgrade for Win 7 64 bit systems. And, my old QVP 8 would not qualify for the upgrade price when QVP 11 is released.

For what X1 appears to be able to do, the new version for $50 seems like a reasonable buy.

I will contact them to confirm its operation in Win 7 64 bit, and then consider purchasing it.

Ron Hirsch

If it works on 64-bit Windows that doesn't necessarily indicate it is a 64-bit application. Use the trial download that was pointed out on the previous page, if in doubt.

Yes. I am aware of the 32/64 bit situation.

If it installs in the "Program Files" folder in win 7 64 bit, then it is a 64 bit application.

If it is 32 bit, then it installs in the "Program Files (x86)" folder.

But as I noted, if it is 64 bit compatible, I'm willing to pay the $50 to have the program on my new machine. I called then just now, and they stated that the program works fine in Win 7 64 bit.

X1 does have a very large list of file formats that it recognizes. It runs circles around QuickView Plus.

Thanks again -

Ron Hirsch

X1 gets its viewers from the people who write QuickView Plus. And it all builds on stuff now owned by Oracle.

X1 works in 64-bit Windows but it is not yet 64-bit software.

There is a growing roster of people asking about this on the X1 forum. As yet there has been no response from X1 itself.

Thanks for the info.

What would be nice would be to have the large list of X1 viewers included in the next version of Opus.

Opus is currently the most powerful file manger available. and having all those viewers available in it would make it the absolute ultimate manager.

So Greg Perry - what do you think of this? :slight_smile:

Ron Hirsch


:slight_smile: Still paying off my house, mate!

But if you've got a spare US$250k for upfront licence plus US$10k per year maintenance agreement, oh yes and a small payment of around US$56 royalty per copy sold, I'm sure Opus users would write your names in the Opus Hall of Fame!