Viewer has problem with compressed picture

I change my windows 7 64bit default temp and tmp folder to other disk, after I make this change, the DOpus Viewer can not load full image file in one compressed file.
For example, I have 37 pic in a rar format file says 038.rar, and when I double click the 038.rar to bring 37 pic to folder, double click in one and open viewer to view it.
It has no problem before I change windows variables setting. but now it only extract 17 pic into temp folder rather than total 37 pic.
The C disk is SSD, I wish to save the W/R rate, and therefore I post this thread here for help request.

What exactly are you doing?

Double-clicking a RAR file and then double-clicking a picture inside the RAR would never extract all 37 pictures inside the RAR file into the temp directory; it'd only extract the one picture that you double-clicked.

Do you mean the viewer which opens when you double-click only has a next/previous image list with 17 instead of 37 pictures?

Can you give us a copy of an example rar file? I suspect the temp directory is not really related to the problem you are seeing and something else is causing the viewer to ignore some of the files when building the next/previous list, if that's what's happening. If the RAR plugin was unable to access the temp dir then it would not work at all.

I notice it happen when I use {pagedown} to see all 37 picture, and it sometimes stop at 17, then I go back to DOPus, I found the 038.rar file has been put to E:/tmp/..., and when I open this rar file, it only shows 17 files inside, I think that's why I stop at 17. It does not happen often, but if I stop for a while says pagedown to page 6 and stop for 5 minutes, the file inside rar in tmp folder only has 17 files inside rather than 37 files. Things seems ok after restart computer, I would try more to see where the problem is, Thanks anyway.

The rar file itself would not be copied to a temp directory by Opus unless you are double-clicking a rar file which is nested inside another archive.

Yes the zip file actually in a big zip file, I put into one zip file, and open it by the sequence -> -> 01.jpg
I open an zip file and see it was put in E:\tmp\dtemp-af4f82816269203-20.dop\, and here I browser all img totally 32 pic inside, it often goes well, but just now it stop at 20 under fullscreen mode again and the viewer shows only 20/20, I try to pageup, but the img file has lost.
if I colse the viewer and reopen the zip file in tmp folder, it will do fine again.

This is getting quite confusing. We were talking about RAR files, now zip files inside other zip files... And I think maybe multi-part zip files inside other zip files?

If we're talking about multi-part zip files inside another zip file, that is a really bad idea that will only work by pure luck.