Viewer ignores EXIF Orientation

Hi there, i just realized DOpus 13 ignores the EXIF Orientation (e.g. jpeg/webp images), despite being configured to obey it (and been that way since v12)

It's just me, or a regression in v13 ?

Check with these images: GitHub - recurser/exif-orientation-examples: Example images for the various EXIF orientation flags, in both landscape and portrait orientation.

It seems to work OK here. If I select an image file in thumbnails mode and adjust the rotation field via the metadata panel, the thumbnail updates each time, and double-clicking the thumbnail opens the viewer with the correct orientation.

Weird, dunno what's going on here.

Will send you a PM with an screen recording.

Ok, got a handle on this. The images that don't work have EXIF orientations that also require the image to be reflected about the Y axis. This is something Opus has never supported, although there's no reason not to (other than I don't think we've ever actually come across an image that was stored like this).

We'll make this work in the next update.

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Yay, everything is working fine now on the latest beta, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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