Viewer: Let Viewer behave like Viewer Pane?


I want to use a secondary display for the viewer whilst sorting through my images. When I used the Viewer Pane, clicking the next file will immediately show that picture in the viewer pane. But is it possible to do that also for the separate Viewer? So one can use a separate display just like one would use the integrated viewer pane. Using a separate display makes much more sense for pictures...

Thanks for help!

Thank you.

Edit: I just realized I actually prefer the Viewer Pane, thanks to the ingenious scroll-and-enlarge feature.

However, here's another suggestion: There is a feature to let small images grow to the viewer. However some very small images then get enlarger way out of proportion to their actual size, causing blurriness. Perhaps there could be an option "grow to page", "but not by more than (choose factor)"

That's available in the standalone viewer as well.

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  • the idea is that Viewer Pane allows very easy check of high resolution details thanks to the great scroll-and-enlarge feature, which in my case reduces the need for a secondary display. (I do know the exterrnal Viewer also would have that.)
  • I am posting the second suggestion separately.
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