Viewer on the left

Ok this may be strange but I would like to have the viewer that opens on the right of the screen, open on the left of the screen.
I use a dual monitor layout with Autodesk Inventor on the left monitor and DO on the right monitor. The ideal setup is to have the DO viewer on the left of the layout so I can see relevant images next to the Image in Inventor. Can this be done or should I make this a requested feature?

You can set the viewer on the bottom of the window, then also place the Metadata panel in the same position, to push the viewer to the bottom-left:

No, it's not possible at the moment. You can have the viewer either at the bottom, (using set viewpane=ToggleLayout), or at the right side.

Ah, that would work, too.

Thanks guys. That's great. I appreciate the help.