Viewer Pane and MS Office Hyperlinks

I am trying to launch Word documents from within Excel via inserting file Hyperlinks to the documents in question. But instead of lauching the Word doc, the hyperlink just loads an intance of Opus with the Viewer Pane open (not my default) and with nothing in it.

The effect I am trying to get is: (a) click the hyperlink (b) have the document launched within Work and having the focus on the screen.

I believe that is how it works with Explorer.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Do you mean you're viewing the Excel document within the Opus viewer? Then clicking a link in the Excel document does the wrong thing?

I've never looked at how that aspect of ActiveX controls works. I'm surprised by what you're seeing though since Excel doesn't know how to open an Opus lister and the ActiveX plugin doesn't have any code to do so either.

Maybe I've misunderstood what you're saying is currently happening.

Sorry for not being clear.

My problem begins when I have Excel open ... not within Opus viewer, just regular Excel. I then click my hyperlink but instead of getting thedocument the link is associated with, I get a new instance of Opus with the Viewer Pane "active" but nothing displayed in it,

I have done some experimenting and I am now thinking that it may somehow be related to the file path length. When I move the file a couple of folders up, it works as I expect !

I have trolled Microsoft's Knowledge Base and found nothing ... so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

thx, MF

Is there a space in the file name?

Sounds like Excel isn't launching the file properly and it's being interpreted as one of the parent directories and thus going to Opus (since Opus is set to launch directories). Spaces in filenames, and not using quotes when launching them, is one way that can happen. A very long path could also cause problems, as you say.

Best of luck!

Yes, it seems to be the path length ... another MS problem. Thanks for your help !