Viewer pane and multimedia library folders

It seems with this new version 10, for some reason or another, when the viewer pane is open, and the folder tree is set to view videos under the libraries folder in Windows 7, none of the videos actually load. A message indicating "loading" appears at the top of the viewer pane with typical movie controls to the right. However, no movie actually appears. By contrast, going to the actual directory where the video is located, the movie begins to play in the viewer pane as expected. The same sort of thing happens when attempting to load a music file from the Windows 7 libraries folder. In this case, the viewer displays binary data from the file. Again, browsing the actual folder where the music resides, no problem. Only in the Win7 libraries folder is this an issue. Bitmap and other graphic files are fine. Videos and mp3 audios are not. Thanks.

Thanks for pointing this out. A fix will be in the next update.