Viewer Pane flickering

Starting this morniing the viewer pane on the right hand side of my lister is constantly flickeríng. I cannot stop it or remove it. Also the button to activate the viewer is being automatically activated just as if it would be clicked on constantly. I can't select one of the other view options.

I'm working under Windows 7-64. Never had any problems with Dopus so far.

I have restarted the system already and i have also removed the keyboard, because the effect is similar to having a stucked key on the keyboard. Nothing helped so far.

Do you have any script add-ins installed? Try disabling them all and then use File > Exit Directory Opus to completely shut-down the program, then restart it.

If it only starts to happen in reaction to some action (e.g. double-clicking a file, or using a toolbar button), that action may have been configured to run a command that is looping forever by mistake.

If that doesn't solve things, something on your system may be sending the F7 key repeatedly for some reason. Does it only happen when the Opus window is active, or all the time? If only when active, if you find another app that responds to F7 and see if it acts as if it is constantly being pressed as well, that would confirm it.

It's also possible something on the system is broadcasting window messages in the private message range (which should never be done, but some apps break this rule) and the message happens to be the one which toggles the viewer pane. Tracking that down can be a pain, but if you look at what was recently installed or updated around the time it started, that may provide a clue as to which app is doing it.

Hi Leo,
Thank you very much for that profund answer. I was thinking about both possible reasons as I am a developer myself. It really looked like the cause was one of my customizations which use macros. But I hadn‘t changed anything recently. Another application could also be the reason, but again I hadn‘t installed anything yesterday.

As I wrote in my posting I removed the keyboard just before I postet here and didn‘t see any changes. Well, I checked that again just now, because I could not find another possibility. And voila it stopped. Obviously the keyboard buffer was still not empty the first time I checked this morning. The keyboard is a Logitech 810 gaming keyboard and it pruduced F8 or so without touching that key.

So thank you again for your quick answer. And sorry for not having written you earlier.

BTW Dopus is a phantatastic program!

Cheers watzman

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There could be other devices which emulate keyboards as well, which might be involved. For example, my mouse appears to Windows as both a mouse and keyboard, since it can be set to send keypresses via the extra buttons.

I used to have problems with Bluetooth keyboards acting like a key was held down for a long time when it wasn't. Don't know if that is still an issue.