Viewer Pane, Image properties are okay?

So... the counting of colours goes as: "one", "two", "many"? :smiley:
Also not sure what is the meaning behind "YYYY" :thinking:


I don't recognise that dialog. Is it from a script or something? How do you make it appear?


Select an image, viewer pane (F7), right click on it, go to Properties.

Ah, thank you, I was looking in the wrong viewer.

The date is OK for me though.

Is it just that file or all files which show the wrong date?

Have you customized your date format? (Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Information Display]: custom_* settings.)

Huh, that's good question. Yes, I have. I prefer ISO dates, so I have put custom_date_format = YYYY-MM-dd. I guess it is only partially respected by that dialogue.

ISO Year only really makes sense with ISO Week, not with year/month/day dates.

Just use yyyy-MM-dd.

I prefer full blown year, month, date with fixed widths. Easier for my eyes, also I can easily glance at month and day. These week numbers we use in the office a lot, but I still don't dig them. Not sure Opus handles these too?

What is the difference between YYYY and yyyy? I'm not sure what convention is DOpus following...

It's ISO year vs. calendar year. Opus supports both, and the dialog should too, I'd say.

The date codes use the following tokens - note that these tokens are case sensitive! The ISO week and ISO year tokens refer to the ISO week date system.!Documents/Codes_for_date_and_time.htm

Slight confusion here, it seems, between ISO date format and ISO week date :wink:

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Oh, no... It's never simple isn't it? By ISO date, so far I just was talking about the yyyy-MM-dd format and nothing more. Now it turns out ISO is much more peculiar and complex.

So, I switched to yyyy as you suggested and that dialogue date is fine now. Thank you for the link btw, I somehow forgot about this while asking you, even if I saw it before.

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We can put the blame on Leo, who brought up the week date topic :smiley:

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I brought it up because that is what the YYYY code is for, as the manual says. The page I linked to is what the manual also links to to explain what the YYYY code is for.

Yes, recently when looking up the ISO standards for timestamps, I got so confused. The standards are not as clear cut. They really should a name for the yyyy-MM-DD format. It makes the most sense to so many people.

We've made some changes for the next beta:

  • ISO Year, ISO Week Number, and Week Number codes should now work everywhere.

  • When loading configs from previous versions, any advanced custom_date_format(_long) settings that used ISO Year but not ISO Week will be corrected to use the normal year code (to fix configs for people who misunderstood what the codes meant).

  • When editing the same settings, if you use ISO Year but not ISO Week, Opus will tell you it's probably a mistake and offer to correct it for you. Anyone who really wants ISO Year by itself for some reason can say no, and the code will then be saved and loaded in the config as before.

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