Viewer pane is blank for remote text files


I have bunch of log files I want to read and it would be great if I can use the viewer pane of DOpus to do this, so I don't have to separately open these files or use a CLI command. However, with DOpus 11.19, I found that the viewer pane does not show anything for remote text files. It looks like it loads the file but then the pane stays just blank.

It does render a remote html file though, so I guess there is a problem with the text viewer plugin?


It's probably not because they are remote, but because they are open for writing by something else.

Actually I'm the only one accessing the files and I tried many different files, they are all blank. Also when I associate a different viewer plugin (Source Preview Handler) to the extension (in this case it is .out), it rendered the text files fine. It seems like there is a bug in the text viewer.

Are you sure the programs which are writing the log files do not keep them open for writing?

What happens if you copy & paste the files into a separate copy?

The other plugin may be more permissive in the way it opens its files, in terms of how they are locked.

Yes I'm sure. Currently no jobs are running and the viewer pane shows (loading) and then blank - same thing happens for copies files. Can't you replicate this? I'm connecting to a GNU/linux server through a FTP connection.

FTP changes things completely. I thought we were talking about a network drive.

See if there are any error messages in the FTP log. (FTP / Display FTP Logs from the default toolbars.)

Do the same files view if you download them and view them locally? If not, how large are they? (The text viewer has a maximum size option.) Are they entirely text data? (Try enabling the text plugin's hex viewer if it isn't already enabled. If it shows you a hex view, it thinks the files aren't text.)

For more detailed / in-depth help, please link your account.


Sorry, should have been clear about that I'm using ftp through ssh.

Locally no problems. They are pretty small like 1KB - but again I tried many different files and it just does not show anything for a text file. When I look at the FTP logs, there are no errors, but I noticed that for a really small file (for example, a file with 179 bytes), the log says:

SSH: Receiving test.err 179 bytes received in 0.188 seconds (0.0 Kbytes/sec)

but for a little bit larger file (364 bytes):

SSH: Receiving test_2.err

So it does not say that it has received bytes. But in both cases the viewer pane is blank.

I enable the hex viewer and it did the trick - the viewer pane shows the remote files correctly. Which is strange since the local and remote files are exactly the same. I hope I can use the text plugin without the hex option, since it seems it does not respect viewer pane background setting.

Also I just linked my account. Thank you and please let me know if you need any other information.

Confirmed, and there wasn't really a good reason for it to work that way.

This will be improved in the next update (12.0.12 beta), so the text viewer will work over FTP whether or not the hex viewer is enabled.

Thanks for linking, too!

Sounds great. Thank you very much.